Increasing losses and Covid 19 have pushed us into a rising rate market once again. We are now in a new rate cycle and it is the perfect time to consider a workers’ compensation Group Captive!


Competitive Pricing

Take Control

Our Exclusive Workers’ Comp Captive Group has been in business since 1988! We are one of the longest running Group Captives in CA history. Our Loss Ratios are 20% to 50% better than CA State results year in and year and year out!

We are able to offer not only competitive rates, but the opportunity to receive both Policyholder and Shareholder Dividends! Minimum Premium is $100,000 and we can write in most any State.

Take “ultimate control” of your workers’ comp program by joining one of the longest running workers’ comp captives in CA history! We hire our own Claims Adjusters and Defense Attorneys who work for you, not an insurance company!

We Are Once Again Opening up our Exclusive Workers’ Comp Captive Program to New Members

If you would like to have control of your own program instead of the insurance company controlling you, the time is now! Our Members receive the highest level of services in the industry from very experienced professionals. This keeps your Experience Mod down and your premiums as low as possible. We also offer the opportunity for Dividends!

We are independently owned and operated since 2002. We specialize in Captive Insurance, Group Self Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and much more! Contact us today to see how we can help you minimize losses, manage claims and reduce premiums.

We are known as the "California Captive Insurance Experts".

Here are just some of the advantages of our Program:

Educational Meetings

Exclusive Member Meetings are held three times a year to educate our clients with top industry speakers including: Our Workers’ Comp Defense Panel, Employment Law Experts, our Claims Adjuster Team, Claims Consultant and our Head of Loss Control. We keep our members up to date on all important workers’ comp news. Through our education, training, and exclusive services, we can minimize your losses and reduce your net premiums.

Claims Management

Our Claims Adjusters work for you, not an insurance carrier. Our Claims Consultant is our “gate keeper”. Any significant reserve increases have to be approved by our Consultant, who also negotiates reserves, gives our adjusters direction, and acts as your liaison attending all claim reviews and providing expert advice.

Customized Loss Control

Our Head of Loss Control with over 25 years of experience will review and revise your Safety Program to fit your individual needs and help minimize losses. Regular service visits and training programs keep you up to speed.

Exclusive Worker's Comp Captive Since 1988

This workers’ comp Captive Program is exclusive to United Captive Insurance Brokers and not offered anywhere else. We give you the ability to reduce your Experience Rating, Lower your Premiums, and the opportunity to receive Policyholder and Shareholder Dividends. Through education and the highest level of services we can reduce your net cost of insurance. We have proven this over a period of more than 30 years!

Call us today at (714) 708-4373 for more information or email at: [email protected]


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